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Sometimes searching the best suited wedding photographers in Kolkata can be a daunting task. Although there are many good wedding photographers in Kolkata but selecting the right one for you on basis of experience and techniques is indeed confusing. And here we come. We can make you decide on the perfect photographer for you which is as difficult as finalising the right kind of wedding lehenga or jewellery, if not less. Because there are plenty of options available out there. Thus keep on with this article.

In our long career of photography we have witnessed brides and grooms follow a pattern in terms of selection of their wedding photographer. They usually start by calling on random numbers that they find on social media or google search results in order to know the packages, soon after knowing the rates from different groups of photographers, couples who are really aware of candid photography theme book the one photographer whose portfolio suit them. But most of the time it can be seen, couples end up booking wedding photographers only before three to four months of their wedding and thus pay double money and do not get quality photographers. This is not at all the right way when it comes to taking of one of the most important decisions of your wedding day.

Consider few things before selection

Before going for the right photographer it is important that you have a framework of your own desired frames in your mind. You must consider giving your own imagined wedding photos, its colour, lights and styles a thought. Thus, before selection we would suggest take your time and jot down everything, from your desired budget to the kind of photographes you want in a paper in a cool and calm mind. After deciding on the budget and style you can start looking through every photographers profile on social media and of course, do not forget to visit their portfolio page. We would suggest that portraits should be left aside and prime consideration should be given on the compositions of the pictures and the way real expressions have been captured in the photos.

Few photographers are aware of real candids

If you concentrate on the compositions of the pictures you will see most of the photographers could not capture real expressions and they mostly go for short cut of portrait closeup candids. You yourself will be able to notice that there are very few photographers who are efficient enough in the things you are searching for. Few photographers are matured enough to create magic with their cameras. You will end up with only a few profiles in your hand. Now you can ask them for quotations.

Always book your day beforehand

After you are done receiving quotations, don’t delay the process of booking and ask your real artist to give a final quotation and also tell him about your budget. Remember your wedding memories are some of those memories that will stay with you throughout, thus it needs to be preserved with care.

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