How Coronavirus Makes The Wedding Photographers More Vulnerable?

According to Government norms, now it is tough for the wedding couples and planner to go ahead with their wedding plans. Even if you are going to organize any wedding it must be restricted with the present of below 50 persons at a time. It’s impossible to maintain such a tough restriction for any grand familial occasion especially wedding.

As the epidemic of Coronavirus is fallen under “Force Majeure”, you can stop working and visiting the clients if there is a high risk of infection. Merely any literate person will organize any wedding in such hard times.

But still if it is a private wedding which will be attended by below 50 guests then, also you shouldn’t visit to work there. If you do so then, you have to take your health at risk to perform the assigned task.   

Affect of coronavirus on photographers

It affects the photographers in 2 varied ways:

  • Financially and Mentally
  • Physically

The job of the wedding photographers involve with full of unknown people- families, bride, bridegroom and corporate clients. At first meeting will be conducted regarding various considerable aspects of the shoot and events. It drags the photographers into the direct threat of pre, during post photoshoot. Wedding photographers are more susceptible to get infected as it the job includes number of points of contact along with community spread.

  • Low immune system due to lack of intake of food and water, tiredness, fatigue and lack of sleep
  • Close contact with team members and clients, hotel staffs and clients’ families as well
  • Risk of travel and visit populated areas such as banquets, resorts and hotels
  • No chance of social distancing as surrounded by multiple unknown guests
  • Interacting with team members as they have to attend a couple of events where the risk is still staggering
  • Working and sharing spaces in photo studio for post production also increase the risk of infection
  • Sharing of photographic instruments like lenses, camera and lots more heighten the risk as well.

All these end up by putting the photographers at greater risk of infection and unbearable mental stress. It’s merely possible to stay aware and extra-careful while clicking candid shots, creating fantastic films and not missing the vital moments.

It is really life-threatening for someone who has to put the health at risk while delivering 100% best in creating forever cherished moments of the D-day. Even they are hit by unimaginable financial burden. Let’s check here how.  

Cancellations of the events and wedding

March, April and May is the ideal time for ringing summer wedding bells! But due to Coronavirus pandemic all over the world all planned and scheduled weddings get postponed. Even who have booked pre-weeding photoshoot they are unable to do so as per the implementation of the locked down and self quarantine period.

Though famous saying is there ‘health is wealth’, but cancellation of the events will be a huge loss for the company. You may have to work harder to bear all these expenses. But by offering the cancellation policies for the customers, you can get a sigh of relief.

No work and uncertainty for the freelance photographers

There are a number of freelance photographers who take work dates from other photographers or studios. This uncertainty and cancellation period will be heavy for them to cope up.

As all events and weddings are getting cancelled, they will lose their work opportunity, a way to earn money and of course an uncertain future. It is so; because on resuming the cities and countries studios and photographers will work harder to bear the expense of this heavy loss due to outbreak of COVID19.

Delivery issues and studio shutdown

As per personal safety and quarantine guidelines, studios are shut down entirely and so there will be a huge loss of work. This is so; because edit studios are also shut which clearly indicates that films and photographs can’t be able to deliver to clients on time.

Moreover, you have to bear the expense of your staffs and employees too by paying them full salary while allowing them to stay at home. And it’s going to create an adverse effect on your business revenue at the same time. But considering the current situation and on the compassionate grounds you have to pay them!

Depending on the current scenario, all employees are asked to stay safe at their respective homes while fully salary will be credited to their account on time for this unpredictable course of time. But you can make a way out for those who can be able to ‘Work from Home’ especially the video and photo editors.

Offer some amount of salary in advance so that they can make necessary arrangements to stay at home and protected while delivering the work on time. At present the toughest challenge studio and photography faces is with zero income ensuring proper care of the employees even while they aren’t able to perform. 

A decrease in the revenue of numerous photographers

While the global economy is on the verge of recession, photographers aren’t exempt from the adverse affect of finance. Nowadays, instead of necessity photography becomes a luxurious mode where the demands of the photographers depend on the falling and rising of number of clients and the charges they make.

Most of the time clients wait for the anticipation demand of their services but who have earned a good reputation may encounter less impact. But this global economic crisis would result on the decline in the revenue of the photography and studio industry. Every photographer will get affected somehow as wedding photographers experience the affect of postponing of the wedding and pre-wedding shoots.

However, this may tighten their budget but helps them to stay healthy in the long run by maintaining social distancing. In contrary to other small businesses such as restaurants or retail shops even if there is any revenue declination scaling back prices will assist them to stay flexible.    

It is clear that every photographer (including wedding photographers) possesses heavy risk of infection as they have to spend most of the time in outdoor. Also they can’t maintain the social gap as recommended by the medical experts and even certain points of contact make them more vulnerable. Apart from health Novel Coronavirus (COVID19) affects the photography sector badly in multiple ways as well. 

How Rig Photography is affected and how are they dealing with it?

While you have known how the entire photography industry is combating against this puny Coronavirus, let us know you the ways we are dealing with it for ensuring the safety of our entire dedicated team.

  1. We have postponed every shoot after 15th March 2020 for ensuring the health of our team regardless of huge business loss.
  2. Currently, we are offering a lucrative option of adjusting 100% booking amount to our clients with a change in the events’ date in this epidemic period. Now, you can change the date of event at a free of cost!
  3. We have shut down every centralized editing facility and willing to collaborate with work from home models. May be it hinder the speed, but we hope to maintain the stability and stay safe.
  4. Now, we are organizing video conference over face-to-face meeting at our office premises.
  5. We encourage the Digital India Movement for making payments and transfer money to maintain the social distancing.
  6. No physical data drive will be communicated now; we will deliver data via online only.
  7. We stand by our employees and keep paying them despite of sudden impact on the business due to COVID19 outbreak so that they can stay secured and safely at home. 
  8. We also make a contribution to the PM’s relief fund against Coronavirus.
  9. Even we stay connected with our team via phone call, video call and WhatsApp to boost up their spirit and mental health during these bad days. 

Our prime motto is to keep every teammate healthy regardless of such a huge monetary loss. Even we hope and pray that the entire globe will be free soon from engulf of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID19). #StayHome#StaySafe. 



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