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Wedding Photographer of The Year 2017-18 By Better Photography
Wedding Photographer of The Year 2017-18 By Better Photography. Photograph By Rigveda Biswas
photo of best wedding photographer in kolkata 2017 award
Best Wedding Photographer Kolkata 2017
photo of Nikon India photo contest winner 2014
Winner of Nikon India Photo Contest 2014
a photo of Shooting Star - Wonder Weddings Kolkata Award 2016 won by Rig Photography
Shooting Star - Wonder Weddings Kolkata Award 2016
a photo of Photographer In Focus At Canvera 2016
Winner of Photographer In Focus Award At Canvera 2016
a photo of Polka Cafe - Featured Photographer
Featured Photographer At Polka Cafe 2016 & 2017
Top 5 Photographers in India in Emotion Category by Polka Cafe- 2016
Top 5 Photographers India by Polka Cafe 2016

Rig Photography

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A Great Image must have Emotional Impact… we all see 1,000’s of images a day. The Greats Ones are those that stay in our mind. We can feel, touch, or smell that image in our mind because of the creative use of Texture, Depth of Field, or the Rule of Thirds, etc. Great photos make us want to look again and again. Not all Artists are Photographers, but all Great Photographers are Artists! I have seen thousands of movies in my lifetime. Those that make me laugh, cry, or even feel upset I tend to remember. It’s the same with still photos. If you can make someone feel something they were not feeling before they viewed your work, then you have a strong possibility that it’s award-winning material.

These are not the only factors in who wins and who does not, but they are the most common. If every time you enter a photo contest; your entry passes these four tests… the odds of winning have just increased by a thousand fold. It is true that creativity is in the eye of the beholder, but unless you think about these four areas, you may be the only one beholding your image. In most cases, winning photographs don’t just happen. They are designed to win.

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Two Souls

Single Thought

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. A must watch album for every aspiring bride.