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Sikh Wedding Photo

Sikh Wedding Rituals: Everything You Should Know About It

When it’s about a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony, it comprise of smaller rituals. Deep down every pieces of rituals possess significance on the entire ceremony. Take a cup of coffee and sit down to mingle in an interesting Indian wedding ceremony. Pre-wedding rituals Choora Ceremony It is the prime ceremony of the wedding especially for the bride. This is so; because in this ritual a set of twenty-one bangles is selected by the mami (maternal aunt) and mama (maternal uncle). […]

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How Coronavirus Makes The Wedding Photographers More Vulnerable?

According to Government norms, now it is tough for the wedding couples and planner to go ahead with their wedding plans. Even if you are going to organize any wedding it must be restricted with the present of below 50 persons at a time. It’s impossible to maintain such a tough restriction for any grand familial occasion especially wedding. As the epidemic of Coronavirus is fallen under “Force Majeure”, you can stop working and visiting the clients if there is […]

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